Grayfilly (Gracie) and the gray filly - Peppermint


A looong time ago my daughter Tammy had a pretty white Welsh mare called Pepper. Tammy, a very gregarious child back then, got to know a neighbor who had a young appaloosa stallion. His owner offered this charming young lady a free breeding, and Tammy came bouncing home for permission from Mom. How could I possibly resist?

Eleven months later I awoke to get the kids off to school and get ready for work. Tam and her brother Rob got on the school bus, and I headed to the barn to feed. Pepper from the far pasture didn't come roaring up to the fence as she usually did, so I walked out to check on her. She was pacing and pacing from one corner to another, kicking at her belly, biting her sides, and dripping milk down her hind legs!

I made a quick call to our vet to ask him if this was a good time to "call in sick," and he said, "No doubt! I'll be in the office if Pepper has any problems. Just give me a ring if you need me."

Well, the photography is from my daughter's little Brownie camera, pictures taken by a very excited mom who had never used that camera before! Here are the pictures taken on the day Peppermint entered our family:


April 27, 1977

The birth of Tam's Silver Peppermint


There was no time to go fetch my daughter from school. Pepper lay down, and a tiny translucent sack revealed a peek at what was to come! Another roll on the grass brought even more of the legs into view.
Her tail is lying across the legs in this shot, but she was pushing hard! And swoosh, out came the tiny foal. I was soo excited at this point I'm surprised I remembered to click the shutter!
When that little head popped up with its little ears dangling on each side and Pepper turned to look at her, I almost blew it for sure! The picture I took left out Pepper's ears! But such a sweet scene! Look at that spotted blanket on her rump! Pepper wasted little time in rising to clean her newborn filly.
I sighed with relief as the little mare took right to motherhood. The baby was almost as quick to rise as her mom. It was such an easy birth for Pepper, her filly, and for me!
And she's up! Wait, Mom, I'm hungry, too!